We use Valvoline VR1 10w30

Rotated Mount Turbo Upgrade

The completeness of our kits sets them apart from virtually every other kit currently on the market. Included in the complete kit are headers, intake, intercooler and piping, fuel pump, injectors, oil-lines, power steering lines, and all the hardware needed to properly integrate a larger turbo into the engine bay. Again, we use a pre-tuned Unichip computer to give the end user a true plug and play tuning alternative, eliminating costly and time consuming dyno time.



Introducing the GPMoto GT32 turbo kit for late-model turbocharged Subaru’s. Designed for quick spool-up, big torque and big power, this kit is the most complete kit on the market giving you the total package for reliable and consistent power delivery.


Hardware: At GPMoto we feel that a turbo kit is more than just a big turbo and a up-pipe; it is a complete engineered kit designed and tested to make reliable power. All stainless steel header and downpipes are standard for maximum durablity. The 100% tig welded exhaust parts are not only good to look at but have maximum strength for the years to come. Braided oil lines ensure trouble free operation, while high temp couplers insure a leak free and durible intake system. Even the airfilter is designed for long lasting use, as its easy to clean and re-oil when needed.


Installation Hardware: Ancillary parts like oil lines and brackets are essential when installing your turbo kit. The GT32 kit will come complete with all the brackets, clamps, oil-lines and hydraulic tubing to make your kit work right. There are no trips to the hardware store and no searching off-size clamps and bolts with this kit. All the pieces needed to make this kit a true bolt-on affair will be right in the box. Not included but reccomended is a Apex-i AVCR.

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